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Many people believe the housing recovery is over, or worse, that the opportunity to profit has past.  This is SIMPLY WRONG!. Over 25% of homes are still "underwater" and foreclosure filings, while well below their numbers at the peak, are still substantially above "normal". More importantly, KBDRE is seeing three major reasons why to continue to invest in distressed residential housing. 
  1. Banks are discounting!: Banks (and the investors they represent) are finally getting over the fact that they own bad loans. While the volume of possible properties for sale at the auctions has decreased dramatically since the peak, the number of good deals, primarily ones the banks have discounted the debt on, in fact, are higher now. This consistent volume provides a steady flow of properties from which KBDRE will pick from.
  2. Major Institutional Buyers are Slowing Down: Over the last few years, many institutional buyers have come to see residential real estate as a huge opportunity.  What was once mostly small individual investors and "Mom & Pop", residential Real Estate has been 'monetized' by Hedge Funds and others. But all indications are that they are slowing down. Whether it is that they have reached their limits, or have many vacant units to contend with, or have shifted to planning their 'exit', all indications are that they are winding down their purchases.  While we applaud the heavy lifting they did to restore the values of America housing markets, we also will 'hold the door' for them! (see "Here's your hat, What's your Hurry!! in our Blog page). This slow down will give KBDRE more properties to chose from and allow buying them at prices that make sense. 
  3. Interest Rates & Demographics: As interest Rates continue to slowly climb, fewer and fewer households will be able to afford to buy. Plus during the recent recession, Household formation slowed down and actually reversed course as more people went to live with families and younger adults delayed moving out on there own.  This pent-up demand will lead to an increase in new households as families recover & younger adults feel confident to move out on there own. Additionally, younger adults, Millenials, are marrying later or not at all, leading to more households being created from this group.

Our Track Record:

We are proud of our track record in both Short Term Hold (otherwise known as "flipping", a term we dislike!!) and Long Term Hold which consists of our current rentals.  All were bought at a large discount, up to 40% of value at the time of purchase. Either through cash flow, or an intentional value-added remodel, we have increased the value of our current Long Term Hold Properties by from 27% to 74% of purchased value. Our Short Term Hold track record also is quite impressive.  From 17% to 65% cash on cash return, all realized within a short 3 to 6 month process, purchase to closed sale!  

Short Term Hold Opportunities: we find it, fix it and SELL it!!
We are currently seeking partners to fund individual property purchases. Perfect for the First Time Investor or the investor who wants KBDRE to find it, fix it and sell it!! Usually one project in duration, money is tied up for a short period of time (usually 6 months or less), and profit is split between the parties. Properties will be located primarily in the Seattle, WA region until our other regions are established
Long Term Hold Opportunities: We find it, rent it, split the cash flow!
We also are currently seeking partners with a longer time horizon and larger financial bandwidth to fund purchases of multiple rental units. Primarily single family, duplex, 4plex & condo units, this program is designed to provide cash flow on properties bought at a discount.  Time horizon should be expected to be 1 to 3 years, Cash flow and Equity split negotiable. Seattle, Southern California, and/or Arizona markets are our target areas for rental expansion.

Information contained herein is not a solicitation for investment purposes but is intended to summarize the track record and opportunities available with KBDRE. Actual Terms and Track records disclosed only upon signed Letter of Intent and Mutual Non Disclosure Agreement.

               KBDRE, LLC & KBDRE Home Services is not affiliated with Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC or Coldwell Banker Danforth

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